Friday, July 9, 2010

Her Prophet Explains: Addendum C [Her Prophet Sez It 'Brooklyn Style']

...cause Little Queenie ask for it that way..and oh so sweetly, too...

~So, here's the deal. I'm a guy who's always tried to Understand Things, ever since I was a kid. Not just kind of, but really really Understand, in the ways that make you fuckin' uncomfortable. Cause when shit starts making you squirrelly, you know you're getting to the nitty gritty.

I spend most of my teens and thirty plus years of my adult life looking and studying. And I learn a lot along the way, though there were lots of dead ends and false starts. I also get my ass kicked a lot, Spiritually that is. Pain and Loss. Lots. It's fucked up, but don't kill me. I get tougher...and a bit wiser.

Then, some things just sort of fall into place. Petty much cause I've been around long enough and kept paying attention. I realize it's all about Sex, which I did in fact know all along, but not how much it really IS All About SEX.

The world is run by The Cock. The real power is The Pussy, but The Cock keeps that shit in line, mostly by Fear of Loss and Brute Force and saying, “You fucking stupid cunt!” often enough that Women hear it in their own voice.

Then, a Spirit shows up and tells me that it's what's left of a race of pure energy super beings and they essentially made us a very long time ago, but are also part of us. And that if we humans don't get rid of The Cock, we're gonna fucking destroy ourselves. But if we do get rid of The Cock, we'll be Fucking Amazing.

The main problem is that Women have been trained since forfuckingever to Listen to The Cock. It's been bred into them. So the only way to convince most of them to get rid of The Cock is for a Cock Owner to tell them to do so. Over and over and over again until they finally fucking get it and listen to themselves for real.

And Yours Truly is the Cock Owner who gets that rat fuck of job, which is an almost impossible job and is gonna get me all kinds of fucking grief. But I have to stick with it because I have actually been preparing myself for this for a few lifetimes. [yeah, there's Reincarnation involved...shaddap!]

Also, I, as the Cock Owner I presently am, will not get to see this thing fully work, but if I do my job properly, I get to come back with a Pussy of my own in a world full on run and controlled by The Pussy and the only Cocks left will the ones Women grow in a tank and keep in a box for 'personal use'.

And that's the story, Queenie.

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