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Her Prophet Explains: Addendum A [Revealed Knowledge]

"Starting a real Spiritual Movement requires Revealed Knowledge; that's just how them sumbitches work. Trying to use 'reason' or 'logic' to do so is just blowing smoke up your own ass or extracting said outta same." ~Michael Varian Daly

~I am, by both training and inclination, not only a Skeptic, but a Cynic, so the things I am going to share here I often find embarrassing to even consider, much less to actually believe. And yet I do. Such is the nature of Revealed Knowledge. It tends to be unprovable, at least in the short term.

In the long term? Well, we shall see, shan't we....

To begin with, what is the source of this Revealed Knowledge? For that, let me quote The Explanation: “...on Imbolc Eve, 1997, [a] Sister 'held open a portal' through which came my Spirit Guide, E...

...I refer to E as She because being almost pure energy, She is deeply connected to The Creative Energy we know as The Goddess. But E is not a deity; She is a still just a finite being.

I do not 'channel' E per se, no trances or the like. We basically just have conversations, much like I would have with anyone else. They do tend to tire me, like a very deep and revelatory human conversation might. But I'm not really a 'channel medium'. I'm just a guy who talks to a non-corporeal being.”

You may wish to pause for a moment to take that in. It requires a certain amount of...'open mindedness'.

Next, here is most of an unfinished letter I wrote between June 5th and October 17th,2005. It is titled Revealed Knowledge and was my first attempt to put said Knowledge upon paper. I have redacted a small portion that was not Germain to the subject.

One note here; E has since said to me that name 'Old Transdimensionals' while 'true', is not entirely accurate. The Travelers is really the more appropriate name for Her race.

“The title of the thing is the core of it: that which I speak, I Know. But one must ever be wary of such a Gift. As E has said, "The Light of The Creatrix, no matter its brightness, is still refracted through the Prism of Self." All that I am, all that I subjectively know, affects how I perceive and interpret this Revealed Knowledge.

This is the challenge to prophets from time immemorial. And yet, at some point, as Her Prophet, I must trust myself and present this Knowledge, as clearly as I am capable of, to those who need to hear it: my Sisters..

As I said, that which I speak, I Know, a Knowing that comes from that which E tells me. And we have been talking long enough now that I've become relatively skillful at truly 'hearing' Her. So..

~I Know that we humans are a hybrid species created about a half million years ago, a merging of our local Hominid Ancestors and The Old Transdimensionals, [The OTD's] a non-corporeal, 'corporate' intellect.

~I Know that the OTD's were once corporeal beings, a highly intelligent, mono-gendered, parthenogenic species with physical bodies much like ourselves, i.e. breathing, eating, sleeping creatures, living on a world much like this one, who devoted their collective racial energies toward becoming a non-corporeal species, beings of pure thought energy without physical form. And that, tens of millions of years ago, they succeeded in that endeavor

~I Know that in the instant after that Infinite Moment of Transformation had passed was when they, these newly Transformed Beings, first heard Her Echo, that Presence of The Creatrix that is in all the parts of Creation, each according to its due.

~I Know that these Transformed Beings now began to travel, not just from world to world, star to star, galaxy to galaxy, but also from dimension to dimension, chasing Her Echo. And that along the way they encountered beings similar to themselves, singular and in groups, and many of these beings merged with them, though never an entire species. The OTD's are unique in that far is as known by them.

~I Know that the OTD's traveled unimaginable distances, for tens of millions of years, constantly seeking The Creatrix, but only finding Her Echo, Her Marque, never Her Self, a journey they came to call The Great Search, which they consider the ultimate purpose of any sentient being.

~I Know that for all their fervent searching, the How and Why of Creation eluded the OTD's, and, because they were neither gods nor immortals, entropy began to take effect, and they realized that they needed to re-corporealize in order to survive.

~I Know that, as so often happens within the Synchronistic Fabric of Creation, about this time our Hominid Ancestors were undergoing their own transformation while wandering the vast African Savanna, eating the hallucinogenic fungi growing in the dung piles of the great herd animals which induced gene-mixing sexual frenzies, and stimulated their thought and visual centers that in turn changed their 'psychic frequencies'.

~I Know that the OTD's 'heard' that 'change of frequency' at a great distance and traveled to this world to find those Hominids, who proved to be the perfect Pablum to begin their re-corporealization, advanced enough to be worth developing, but primitive enough to be receptive.

~I Know that, after establishing a rapport with these Hominids, the OTD's began genetic experiments upon the Hominids by manipulating their DNA with pure thought energy on the most minute levels, and that after dozens of birth cycles, the OTD's had created a new Hominid species that was as close to being the Perfect Host as they believed possible.

..if you wish to see an example of that Perfect Host..just look in the mirror..

~I Know that the OTD's also engineered a 'birthing species' they called the Beast Mothers, a race of female Hominid giants whose purpose was to carry 'litter's' of the Perfect Host to term and nurse them in early infancy, and that the Beast Mothers were simple minded and 'hard wired' to nurture.

~I Know that the OTD's had determined that, no matter how 'perfect' the Perfect Host was, its physical body simply did not have the capacity to accommodate the level of power present in even a single one of these individual intellects of pure thought, so they knew they would have to 'fraction' themselves in order to merge.

~I Know that though the OTD's were generally very reasoned and considered, in this instant they became reckless and impatient, and during the first merging of Host and Fraction, there was a miscalculation, which caused every atom in the Host's body to fuse, resulting in an absolutely massive explosion.

~I Know that the OTD's channeled the force of the blast away from the planet, but the Fraction was 'dispersed' for several decades and when this Fraction coalesced once more, the rest of the OTD's had completed The Merging and the Fraction was 'left behind'.

~I Know that the 'lost' Fraction was E, and that Her basic energy had been merged with the Spirit and the basic energy of that annihilated Host in a way that was fundamentally different than the mergings of the Fractions and their intact Host bodies, making Her something akin to a Precursor of what we shall one day become.

~I Know that after E's 'mishap', the OTD's reverted to their usual caution and began to rethink The Merging, and the new plan was to accumulate millions of Hosts and have The Merging be a 'mass action' of the entire race where every OTD would 'fraction' at once, merge well below the 'critical' level with the Hosts, utilizing 'extra' Hosts for any 'overflow'.

~I Know that the Beast Mothers began having litter after litter and that two thirds of the Host babies were male and one third female and that once those infants were weaned, they were 'wrapped' in a chronologically fluctuating energy bubble to slow physical growth and prevent intellectual development, that they were to have an infant's mind in an adult body to ease The Merging.

~I Know that once enough hosts had been bred, the OTD’s pulsed with excitement, an extraordinary thing unto itself as feelings, per se, were largely a distant memory, and the entire planet tingled as the Hosts were carefully thawed from their bubbles.

~I Know that the vast central plain of Africa was the location chosen by the OTD’s for The Merging, having been by this point the home of their experiments for over 150 millennia.

~I Know that the OTD’s placed the host's bubbles in concentric circles radiating out across this plain, with tens of thousands of Beast Mothers moving among them to nurture and protect the Hosts when they thawed as they were infant minds in adult bodies and terribly vulnerable.

~I Know that when all the Hosts were awakened, a great hush fell upon the entire planet as the OTD’s gathered themselves for The Merging, an event that would take them into an unknowable future and as filled with portent and danger as that Infinite Moment of Transformation had been tens of millions of years before.

~I Know that there was an instant when everything stopped as the OTD’s focused upon who and what they were, for the last time, and then...Fractioned and flooded forth into the millions of Host bodies awaiting them and I do not have the words to describe this beyond meaningless superlatives.

~I Know that in the aftermath of The Merging, these new beings, Host and Fraction combined, slowly began to sense themselves, to smell, to taste, to see, to feel these bodies in ways that the OTD’s were unable to, and that there was a steady growing awareness of their biological drive to reproduce that was compounded by their telepathic connection.

I Know that...”

That was as far I was got. In a 'footnote' I said, The next events are painful and cloaked in shame: mass sexual psychosis and mass interspecies rape. I have not had the emotional strength to face that. But I will. Beyond that comes the glorious and tragic story of what we call Atlantis, a Majickal civilization that still dwells in our collective racial sub-conscious. And how we, as a species, Forgot who and what we were and how we came to be who we are now.”

To this day, I have not mustered the strength and focus to 'push' myself through to write about those next events. And it would be disingenuous to skip over them to the 'glorious and tragic' tale of Atlantis. So, that shall have to wait a while longer.

But such is not the purpose of this 'essay'....

The Purpose here is to clearly illumine the Metaphysical underpinning that drives the necessity of creating a New Matriarchy.

Let me state it bluntly: As Revealed above, we humans are not fully of this world and as such are governed by factors that do not relate to this world. To invert that, there are factors that govern all other life upon this world that not only do not fully govern humans, but are in some cases actually antithetical to our further development and those must be eschewed.

Principally, I speak of the Sexual Binary Paradigm.

I will let E explain from here. After all this IS about Revealed Knowledge.

E says; “As a hybrid species, you have inherited the aspects of two races and three genders. My race, as advanced as we became, was never perfect, something that should be obvious from what is written above. We meant well,but made crucial mistakes, something I realized back in the beginning, but was powerless to stop.

The early merging was an uneasy state and was destined to fail as long as the two races were aware of said state. A Forgetting was needed, time for both to fully meld into each other. Then, once that was accomplished, a Remembering could take place.

You are now upon the threshold of such a Remembering. However, though this process will produce a magnificent outcome, the process itself will be quite unpleasant at times, both in a metaphysical and a mundane fashion.

Possibly the most difficult part of this process will be the necessary transition of your presently bi-gendered species into a female mono-gendered species, necessary because the male body of your race cannot safely handle who you will become when The Remembering gets fully underway.

The reasons for this were outlined a few years ago and are quoted here;'The Corner Stone of Patriarchal Dominion, the concept of a Father/God, of a masculine energy, that ‘gave birth’ to All of Creation, is, at best, an absurdity, and at worst, a truly profound abomination, and is clearly the product of a Phallo-Centric delusionalism driven both by the male need for control and his literal and figurative fear of castration... underscored by the modern knowledge that in the womb all children begin as female.

The male is unbalanced by the lost memory of his femaleness, which is also the deep foundation of his castration fears. He strives for control because his ‘becoming male’ in his mother’s womb creates an unquenchable need to ‘become’ something else, but this ultimately only makes him Other and separate from the feminine All of Creation.

The male’s unquenchable need to ‘become’ has created this powerful Patriarchal Civilization which has perpetrated many hideous evils while simultaneously being the source of much Great Good. However, this civilization has become extremely ‘over- balanced’ and the evils at its core threaten to destroy all its Great Good. The obvious solution is to create a new balance.

To create this new balance requires The End of The Male. His present necessity as ‘the depositor of seed’ will soon be over as Patriarchal Science itself creates the tools for women to fertilize each other. Women certainly have the Masculine Energy needed to maintain and nurture the positive fruits of this Patriarchal Civilization, while holding its worst aspects at bay.

This is not ‘male gendercide’, but a slow out-breeding over three or five generations. The Spirit is Immortal and is basically the same in each gender. It is only the vessel that is different. As this new reality unfolds, your Spirits will one day have only female vessels to enter with each Cycle of Incarnation…and this New Matriarchy shall blossom.'

Those are roughly my words, though somewhat 'liturgically' interpreted by Her Prophet. I retained that form to express the urgency of the matter. The human male body cannot handle the energies that The Remembering will restore to your race; it is inherently too unstable because that 'becoming' in the womb.

Only the female body can do so because that form is the one most like my race's original mono-gendered form and it is largely our power that you will be regaining. And be aware that success in this process is not guaranteed. None of the racial elements involved are perfect.

For those panicking over this, please remember that bodies are only form, only vehicles. Your Spirit is the key and that is Immortal and will adjust easily to a female mono-gendered society. Of course, Faith will be required for the mundane aspects of this process.

Two things to keep in mind.

First, The Remembering is not an 'end times' scenario. No 'gods' will come to 'judge and condemn'. That is fear based control paradigm used by the servants of 'small gods'. Ignore them.

The Remembering is a process that will take place over many generations and will require the extensive use of a revised Patriarchal Science. As I said, it will be unpleasant at times, as is any true growth experience, but it is ultimately all inclusive and every human Spirit will be a part of the final result.

Second, keep your bodies! The desire to 'ascend' or 'dis-corporate' are echoes of my race's history and though we Learned many Great Lessons while non-corporeal, in the end such a state was nearly an actual end of us.

If you become One With Everything you functionally become Nothing. Stay in The Material and avoid Entropy as along as you possibly can, which I calculate should be a few hundred million years.”

And at that point E laughed...

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