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Her Prophet Explains: Part Four - "The Temple's Tactical Initiatives"

[There is still more work to be done on this, but this version is much much closer to the 'finished product' 5/19/10]

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
~Mohandas K Gandhi

"Live as though the day were here." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

So, we've talked about all these grand socio-cultural paradigms and metaphysical concepts and that was really all quite lovely. But, to use an old English expression, 'that does not buy the baby a bonnet.' How does one actually go about building such a thing as a New Matriarchy on a practical, day to day basis?

As of this writing, early Summer of 2011, 'The Temple' is still a tiny organization, an 'mom and pop' operation based out of a trailer park up in Southern California's High Desert, with a half dozen or so 'interested parties' scattered throughout the Internet. Granted, our double-wide is very cozy and, in keeping with certain traditional beginnings, we are in the desert, but how does one start from such a humble, and even despised, place?

Well, one starts by incorporating as a 501(c)(3) non-profit religious corporation.

This creates the legal framework to raise funds, receive donations, and generally organize as a 'church' here in America. And as we all know, money is the engine of the modern world.

When I really started to think about The Temple on a practical level, what first came to mind was two projects; a store front operation to help homeless and 'in need' women, and a 'human potential type' of Amazon training for women who were generally middle and upper middle class, women who were looking for something that their present lives did not give them.

I first detailed these two projects thusly:

The Temple's first project is a Women's Drop-In Center. The drop-in center would be a converted store front or other street level former business space. It would clearly be ‘faith based’ and staffed by members of The Temple trained in its operation. The Center will provide the following:

~a safe place for homeless women to be during the day
~two free meals a day, breakfast and lunch
~a mail drop
~shower and laundry facilities
~a nap room

~references to social services, to mental health and drug counseling [these reference services would also be available to non-homeless women 'in need'], and to transitional housing

The Temple's second project is the conducting of experimental women's educational workshops utilizing of the 'human potential' model, a Sisterhood Training. These workshops are focused on formulating and designing an educational training organization of several levels that will:

~be based upon a rigorous Amazon Training regimen
~foster the empowerment of women individually
~provide women with a workable model for positive social change as a group
~create a sustainable environment that heals, builds, and expands the bonds of Sisterhood

The ways in which the middle and upper middle class women could help their homeless and 'in need' Sisters are relatively obvious for the most part. But how the homeless and 'in need' women could help their better off Sisters would be to provide the lessons and opportunities for them to rigorously examine the conduct and values of their own 'comfortable' lives, to see how they are 'well adjusted to a profoundly sick society'.

Having myself lived in both worlds, I know that often one group is looked at as 'pathetic ruined victims' and the other group as 'shallow rich bitches'. But an unnerving number of those homeless and 'in need' women originally come out of the middle class, a few even from the upper middle class.

The goal here is show each of them that they are all in fact Sisters and that the course of their respective lives has largely been determined by Patriarchy and its rules regarding gender, race, and class.

What the combination of these two projects will create is a process of female centered social reintegration that is both vertical and horizontal, one that crosses and transcends all cultural and economic lines.

As time goes on, The Drop-In Center will expand into a network of temporary shelters, permanent housing, and support systems for homeless and 'in need' women, a network designed to help these women stabilize and heal their own lives and to protect those women who are too damaged to fully recover.

As time goes on, The Sisterhood Training will expand from a series of long weekend workshops into what I envision as two plus year process, a 'full immersion' training that provide an arena for women to completely transform themselves into what will effectively be Amazon Warrior Priestesses.

Of course we do not expect that the majority of the women who pass through these processes to become fully Initiated Sisters of The Temple. Only a dedicated minority of them will follow that path. But even a homeless woman who only has one bowl of soup at The Drop In Center or a professional woman who only goes to a single Sisterhood Training guest event will be touched by this process of transformation.

But, however intoxicating the concept of this process may be, upon thinking through the practical steps toward implementing these processes I soon realized that first The Temple needs a Home, a safe, stable, and effective base of operations from which to start these various projects.

As I have said above, as of this writing, The Temple is still a small operation and in what I refer to as Stage One. However, Stage Two has already been initiated, that being the acquisition of a piece of our own land, a plot large enough to allow for expansion.

The Stage Two property will come together in roughly the following order and look something like this:

~In addition to our presently owned 1800 sq foot manufactured home, we will acquire three more of a similar size, but of varying layouts, placing them in a square formation centered around a large above ground swimming pool. This will create a comfortable and communally oriented living space for about two dozen Sisters.

~We will acquire a few surplus steel shipping containers, placing them on the property for use as storage space and other purposes. They are plentiful, cheap, and extremely durable.

~We will build stables on the property, large enough to accommodate two to four horses. The promotion of Horse Culture is central to the creation of a new Amazon Culture.

~We will acquire a smaller manufactured home to be used as The Temple's first school house, a long single-wide laid out in two rooms separated by a bathroom and storage space.

The principal of Stage Two, what we shall call the First Karaal, is not the 'religious compound', but the Resilient Community. In keeping with The Temple's strategy of the Viral Meme, this community will be interactive, not isolationist. The latter is a feature of End Times thinking and entirely alien to our epistemology.

The First Karaal will be oriented toward self sufficiency and, if necessary, self defense, but this is a product of realistic thinking as we are mindful that, given recent trends, some sort of near future societal 'dislocation' is probable, though we cannot yet foresee its extent. If such is moderate, the First Karaal will see Sisters coming and going from the larger world and function essentially as a safe haven for them. However, if such is extreme, then it will likely take on a 'lifeboat' function, a redoubt where we can ride out a more significant collapse.

While we certainly prefer the former rather than the latter – a relatively stable social order would serve our goals better than chaos – we know is is best to take a “pray to The Goddess, but keep rowing toward the shore” attitude.

At this point let us say something regarding The Temple and male children....

"The birth of Daughters is preferred over the birth of sons." The Third Valance

That's a pretty straight forward statement, yet clearly there are potential complexities in its actual real world application. I will address them here as best I can.

First, a definition. When thinking of the name to be used for various residences of The Temple, ones that would be exclusive to Initiated Sisters, I looked to the term used in my Cyber Witch stories: Karaal.

It is derived from the South African term, kraal; “enclosure or group of houses surrounding an enclosure for livestock, or the social unit that inhabits these structures. The term has been more broadly used to describe the way of life associated with the kraal that is found among some African, especially South African, peoples.”

It is more from that latter part of the definition that I drew Karaal. I used to mean ”Place Where The Horse Riding Amazons Live.” And I think it suits our purposes quite well.

Not all Karaals will have horses, as it does not mean 'place where Amazons ride horses'. Some Karaals will be urban residences.

What will set them apart from The Temple's shelters and general housing is that only Initiated Sisters, their Daughters, and Collared Korettes [male consensual bondage slaves of The Temple's Dommes who will function as servants] will live there.

This is in keeping with the need to create a fully Gynocentric atmosphere, one that fosters a serious and internally consistent paradigm of Female Supremacy. The Korettes who live within this mini-culture will be subservient adult males who have freely chosen that life.

And it is this entire dynamic that that leads us to this statement: “There will be no male children raised within The Temple's Karaals. Period.”

There are two basic reasons for the rule and the necessity of its strong enforcement.

The first is the most obvious; boys would throw off the whole psycho-social dynamic. The Sisters who first participate in this experiment will all have been raised entirely within Patriarchy. They are all going to have some prejudice toward male children, most of it toward giving favor to them. The problems there are pretty clear.

The whole idea of having “a serious and internally consistent paradigm of Female Supremacy” is meant to begin breaking that pattern in the Daughters raised in The Temple's Karaals. We believe it will take about three generations to actually accomplish this in most of our Daughters.

The Temple's whole strategy is to change from within, "to create...a Practical Reality that becomes the microcosm of this new society [a New Matriarchy]...that is vital, replicable, adaptable, and then plant it in the societies that presently exist."

So we can't have Sisters hiding out in some isolated desert compound. They have to actively operate within the existing social order. That means they have to be strong enough to resist its efforts to break them down, hence the need for “a serious and internally consistent paradigm of Female Supremacy.”

The second reason is less obvious, but, without any doubt, as equally important. To try to raise male children in “a serious and internally consistent paradigm of Female Supremacy” is, to be blunt about it, just plain abusive. If you regard Patriarchy's ingrained mechanisms that define women as 'less than' to be abusive, how could you continence doing the same to boys?

We can't. And we won't.

This is largely a temporary problem. Gender selection technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, so giving birth to only Daughters will soon be a non-issue. But until then, the above rule is required.

So what happens to an Initiated Sister living on a Karaal who becomes pregnant with a male child? That will be her choice. If she chooses to bring him to term, she will remain an Initiated Sister. She simply would not be able to raise him in her Karaal.

Our goal is to have enough resources in terms of living spaces and income that such a choice on her part could be handled with ease.

Now we know perfectly well that such a thing is unlikely to go with the smoothness implied above. No matter the choice, there would be Grieving and Loss.

But that comes with this territory. There is going to be Grieving and Loss anyway. Some Sisters are going to get killed outright during the course of this Transition for daring to challenge male dominance.

This Work is not for the faint of heart. It is the Work of Amazons. And The Prize is The Future.

Note: One of our Wise Women responded to the above thusly: "It should be possible to engineer mostly daughters now. Diet and ph regulation of the mother's cervical fluid plus either selecting males who already have only daughters or selecting sperm donors whose sperm shows it lacks the necessary chromosome to produce sons should do the trick. Fertility clinics routinely filter sperm to get the most viable and could probably do the same for sex selection though it might be technically difficult and an ethical quandary for them. Better to get your own people trained to do the work. Training lawyers, EMTs, and midwives would be good priorities towards this end as well.

I suggest adoption as the most reasonable answer to boy births. There is a shortage of healthy infants to adopt so any family wanting to adopt would be thrilled and willing to pay the expenses of the mother to be. It is healthier for the reproductive system to go through with the birth wherever possible. A full term pregnancy will take about three years out of a woman's reproductive cycle but an abortion throws the whole reproductive system out of whack and could potentially cause future fertility issues, even before you get around the fertility issues that might be caused by the psychological implications that the next couple of generations will likely be faced with."

While the above may seem an odd, even startling divergence from the preceding 'practical goals', it was necessary to underscore the basic 'ideological' foundations of those goals.

To resume, there are also plans for a Stage Three, Four and Five.

Stage Three does include specific concepts for a rather modern and advanced set of communities. However, dues to intellectual property issues, those specifics are not included in this volume, but may be viewed at The Explanation On-Line: (

{The images and text below are the property of Andrew Kudless et al of Matsys Design and are being included on this website under Fair Use. In the actual print version of The Explanation the reader will be directed by the above URL to the Explanation's website to view this content. Click on images to enlarge}

Sectional perspective of underground city

Site plan

Plan, above ground (left) and below ground (right)

Site model

Detail of site model

Description: In Frank Herbert’s famous1965 novel “Dune”, he describes a planet that has undergone nearly complete desertification. Dune has been called the “first planetary ecology novel” and forecasts a dystopian world without water. The few remaining inhabitants have secluded themselves from their harsh environment in what could be called subterranean oasises. Far from idyllic, these havens, known as 'sietch', are essentially underground water storage banks. Water is wealth in this alternate reality. It is preciously conserved, rationed with strict authority, and secretly hidden and protected.

Although this science fiction novel sounded alien in 1965, the concept of a water-poor world is quickly becoming a reality, especially in the American Southwest. Lured by cheap land and the promise of endless water via the powerful Colorado River, millions have made this area their home. However, the Colorado River has been desiccated by both heavy agricultural use and global warming to the point that it now ends in an intermittent trickle in Baja California. Towns that once relied on the river for water have increasingly begun to create underground water banks for use in emergency drought conditions. However, as droughts are becoming more frequent and severe, these water banks will become more than simply emergency precautions.

Sietch Nevada projects waterbanking as the fundamental factor in future urban infra-structure in the American Southwest. Sietch Nevada is an urban prototype that makes the storage, use, and collection of water essential to the form and performance of urban life. Inverting the stereotypical Southwest urban patterns of dispersed programs open to the sky, the Sietch is a dense, underground community. A network of storage canals is covered with undulating residential and commercial structures. These canals connect the city with vast aquifers deep underground and provide transportation as well as agricultural irrigation. The caverns brim with dense, urban life: an underground Venice. Cellular in form, these structures constitute a new neighborhood typology that mediates between the subterranean urban network and the surface level activities of water harvesting, energy generation, and urban agriculture and aquaculture. However, the Sietch is also a bunker-like fortress preparing for the inevitable wars over water in the region.

Credit: Andrew Kudless (Design), Nenad Katic(Visualization), Tan Nguyen, Pia-Jacqlyn Malinis, Jafe Meltesen-Lee, Benjamin Barragan (Model)

{The above concept is for a major metropolis. However, The Sisterhood's needs are smaller in scale, a community roughly about one tenth to one fifth the size Kudless is proposing. But the overall concept is perfectly adaptable for our Stage Three plans [and beyond] and also for the Southern California High Desert in general.}

The transition from Stage Three to Stage Four would be something along the lines of establishing in California a statewide presence for The Sisterhood that is akin to the Mormon's statewide presence in Utah.

Stage Four will essentially be a 'precursor entity' toward the overall goal of the Global Amazon Republic, functionally some type of 'nation-state' and/or 'political-economic' body that can grow into Stage Five, which would be the Global Amazon Republic itself.

But for now Stage Two is the goal and it can be archived with the resources that are becoming available in the near future. The time line for this is two to five years.

Below are a list of The Temple's overall goals and projects over the next twenty years or so:

~First and foremost the Stage Two and Stage Three Karaals mentioned above.

~As a counterpoint to the above, The Temple will also acquire a residence on the West Side of Los Angeles, a medium to large house to begin with, then an apartment building [25 to 40 units] which will duplicate some of the functions of the High Desert complex and serve as a base for The Temple's urban operations.

These would be a variation on Stages Two and Three. Whatever may come, we think it unlikely that cites will just go away, so The Temple will need to maintain a presence in them for the foreseeable future. Ultimately, said presence will merge into Stages Four and Five.

Goddess Willing, someone will donate that first house, but we are prepared to rent a two or three bedroom apartment where a half dozen Sisters could live communally to begin with simply to 'establish a foothold in town'.

~The Temple will establish a separate educational foundation to provide resources and support to like minded groups and organizations that The Temple cannot support directly because of our religious status.

This is a critical step. As a religious 501(c)(3) The Temple will operate under certain legal constraints, so a funding and guidance agency will be required to provide support and assistance to to operations like The Sisterhood Trainings and our homeless outreach programs.

The structure of this foundation will be determined by our lawyers and the nature of that structure will obviously be proprietary information. In all likelihood, this foundation will be only the first of many.

~The Temple will continue to expand and refine The Sisterhood Training, with the goal of sharing it with as many women as possible.

It is essential to understand that after The Pentavalent itself, The Sisterhood Training is the Most Important Element of The Temple. To use a rather fevered metaphor, The Sisterhood Training is the womb from which the New Matriarchy will be born. Without the efforts and actions of properly trained and motivated Sisters, all the preceding concepts are just so much 'sound and fury'.

Because of that I shall go into a considerable amount of detail regarding The Training itself.

I have been through a number of Large Group Awareness Trainings [LGAT's] These LGAT's were for the most part beneficial and positively transformative for me and for others. And I did see where they had their own internal problems.

The problem that was most apparent to me at the time was that LGAT's tend to 'crack you open' without much proper follow up except more trainings and workshops. They did try to form some kind of community of support – there would be a lot of talk about Relationship and the such – but since the focus was almost exclusively upon Individual Empowerment, that effort usually failed, a few times with tragic consequences.

Another issue was the utter lack of any type of Spiritual foundation. A trainer of mine once addressed this with a statement that they, the LGAT, 'were willing to except the possibility that here was something greater than The Universe.' That's a pretty thin metaphysical soup.

But the Key Issue with every single one of them is this; they are all ultimately 'part of the problem'.

As has been said before in these pages, a primary Operating Motto of ours is a quote from Jiddu Krishnamurti, "It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

In the final analysis, the primary outcome of all the LGAT's I have ever encountered is to support you becoming 'more well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society'. They are after all, capitalist operations and, for all the good they might do, they are in business to sell a product and to make money. This also contributes to the first two problems mentioned above, the cracking open without follow up and the lack of Spiritual foundation.

Many of their graduates become 'more effective' in expanding the reach and power of Modern Corporate Marketing Culture, the producer/creator of the hologram that now holds most Americans – and many around the world – in its thrall, where we are no longer citizens, or even humans, but merely Consumers of Product and the entire focus of this is to Sell Product.

LGAT's are a part of that mechanism. They cannot be otherwise. And their models facilitate the perpetuation of Modern Corporate Marketing Culture. Why do you think so many corporations send 'their people' to these trainings? They make said people more Effective etc, not more Aware. If they really became so, they'd leave the corporation. Some do, but usually only to start some other type of corporation, not to exit the paradigm.

The very first thing that will make the Sisterhood Trainings different is that they will be non-profit. That way the entire financial focus is devoted solely to getting the Trainings into the reach of as many Sisters as possible and in the optimum fashion.

The final overall structure as presently envisioned would first be the Workshop Series, staring with a Guest Event to provide an enrollment mechanism for the two preliminary extended weekend workshops, a Basic that would run Friday through Sunday and an Advanced that would run Wednesday through Sunday, each designed to be preparatory for the Long Training itself.

They each would have benefits in and of themselves, even the Guest Event. For many Sisters they may be the only direct experience of The Sisterhood they are able have at that point in their lives, so these workshops have to be able to be as positively transformative as we can safely make them in that window.

Ultimately however, their primary outcome is to recruit Sisters for the Long Training. As such the Guest Event and the two Weekend Workshops would all take place within a roughly thirty day period preceding the beginning of a new Wave in the area in which that Wave was to be based. This would also intensify the experience of those Sisters who can only do the Workshop Series.

These workshops will be fully run by the Central Training Operation, a stand alone non-profit educational corporation whose sole purpose is to coordinate, guide and refine the Sisterhood Trainings. It will have a core professional staff which would be augmented with volunteers from the Trainings themselves.

The Long Training – which is called a Wave – is the actual Amazon Warrior Priestess Training mentioned above. Each Wave would consist of a dozen to two dozen Trikonai, a bond group of three Sisters which would be formed during the two weekend workshops and would be a mandatory element. [A dozen to two dozen Trikonai would come out to 36 to 72 Sisters.] The only way to enroll in a Wave is as an already formed Trikona, optimally one that formed and bonded during the Workshop Series. The next section, Part Five: The Trikona, will explain why this is necessary.

The Central Training Operation will provide support, networking, feedback, guidance, etc. But each Wave will be functionally autonomous. Its own members will run the Wave's specific scheduling and be almost entirely self funding, doing whatever is is needed to make sure that every Sister in that Wave is able to achieve all the goals and complete the Training.

Each Wave with be given an overall operational plan and a specific set of goals to achieve. Each Wave can also establish its own unique set of goals and outcomes as long as those do not interfere or contravene the overall plans and goals.

Incorporation: To begin with a Wave will establish itself as a Corporation of the type that best suits the state within which it is primarily operating. That will give the Wave a heft and a flexibility that enhances its ability to pursue its goals that no unofficial group could match. Corporate Personhood is the Key to Power in modern America.

Note that this is essentially an Event. It happens once and is done. The rest of the below are Process. They will unfold and change as the Wave proceeds.

Each Sister in the Wave will be a Voting Member of its Corporation and will be required to have a working understanding of it functions. At the end of the Training Cycle, the Corporation will be dissolved and any assets leftover divided equally among its Members.

Majickal Working: Sisters would not be Witches without it. Operating with The Pentavalent as a guide, all aspects of each Wave will be Ritualized and conducted with some manner of Majickal and Goddess frame-working, starting with the above Incorporation and then through all the various goals and outcomes listed below.

This should be done in a reasonable fashion, with Focus and Efficiency in Balance. It will not be about 'getting it right', but about making it work. The goal in this is to use the collective and individual Majickal Talent of the Sisters in any given Wave to create a Tulpa, a manifested thought form that embodies the Wave itself, one that helps propel the Wave forward to a successful and fulfilling conclusion.

This will likely be the first real test of a Wave's ability to work as a collective and set the tone for what follows.

NLP: [Neuro-Linguistic Programing] Each Wave will complete an entire NLP Practitioner Certification Training over the course of its Cycle, with each Sister therein getting an individual NLP Practitioner Certification.

NLP is both a powerful Behavioral Change technology and a very effective Personal Communications technology. It should be self evident how such can be useful for The Temple's long term goals.

Impact Self Defense: This is a company that provides a type of self defense training for women that allows them to punch and kick full force, thereby providing a 'body memory' of combat training. Each Wave will contract with ISD to provide a full training to all its Sisters.

The purpose of this is to lay the foundation for a real Warrior Spirit, one based upon actual physical violence, not merely some hypothetical exhortation 'to be a warrior'. That is also why this will be undertaken at the beginning of the Wave Cycle. Warriors Fight. Sisters need to Learn that Lesson from the very start or my brothers will break you.

Yoga: It is likely that many Sisters coming into The Sisterhood Training will already be Yoginis of one school or another. Each Wave will seek their experience and guidance in embedding Yoga into the fabric of the Wave. Over time the Sisterhood Training will develop its own school of Yoga that best serves the needs of a Wave Cycle.

Yoga and Meditation will be the 'off-set' to the Martial Vigor of the various Warrior Disciplines a Wave will undertake. It also will provide a Centering and Grounding Discipline that can used by the entire Wave, a single Trikona, or the individual Sister, thereby providing Harmony and Connection throughout the Wave.

12 Step Work: The 12 Step modality is one of the best I have ever found to examine one's own Self. Though primarily used in addiction programs, it has a universal application. It's key is that with a methodological step by step structure it works upon discovering one's true thinking, which is largely how we get to wherever we are at any given point in our lives.

It is crucial for each Sister to understand who she is, what motivated her to do what she has done and how she got to whatever point she is in her life. These are Essential Elements of Self and the work of The Temple requires a deep understand of Self. Each of the comforting illusions that every Sister harbors must be uncovered, discovered and discarded.

This work will be done individually, within each Trikona and by the Wave in group sessions. There will a lot of pain in this work, so it must be done with vast Compassion for both one's Self and one's Sisters.

Sexual Domination Of Men: As the Greater Goal of all of this work is a New Matriarchy, the practice of a genuine Female Supremacy is at the core of an Amazon Warrior Priestess Training such at this. And at the core of all intra-gender relationships is Sex.

Therefore each Wave must learn the art of The Dominatrix. Given its intimate nature, most of this will be done via the Trikonai. Each Trikonai is to engage a professional Domme to teach them the nature and practice of Domme Work. Each Trikonai will acquire male slaves who will support the work of its Wave in whatever fashion said slave in capable of.

Becoming Sexually Dominant, even as a 'exercise', makes a profound shift a Sister's basic nature. As with a training like Impact Self Defense, this work 'imbeds' that shift in a Sister's consciousness on a deep and atavistic level. And it is down in those places that Patriarchy has its strongest hold.

Dakini: This is the name I have given to a hypothetical mixed Female oriented martial arts system that is still to be developed. What is proposed is a blend of Eskrima, a Philippine martial art that uses simple weapons, sticks and knives, along with hand and foot fighting, Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art which ritualizes it's fighting as a form of dancing and Parkour, a French urbano-centric running and jumping sport.

I chose those forms because of their simplicity and their flowing motion. The idea is for more than just an 'effective fighting system'. If that was the goal, we'd just go with Krav Maga. But as with all of this work, there needs to be a Spiritual aspect, one that shifts Sisters all the way into their core. And as this would be a martial art that originates within The Temple, it is also something that The Sisterhood owns completely.

Body Work: Due to the rigorous nature of the Sisterhood Training, each Sister is going to need body work done to help them heal and renew. Much of this will utilize skilled outside professionals. But between these sessions, each Sister will be required to learn a basic massage/ body work technique so that she can work upon other members of her Trikona on a regular basis. This will also deepen the Bond within each Trikona.

Rock Climbing: This is a prefect all body training and is an outdoor sport can be first learned in doors. It also favors the Female as leg and hip strength is more important than upper body strength. It will support and enhance all the physical training.

Weapons Training: Each Sister in the Wave will learn the use of the Staff, the Bow, the Sword, the Handgun and the Rifle. Teachers and training organizations will be engaged to teach the use of each of the weapons over the course of the Wave's Cycle. You're to be Amazons and these are the essential weapons.

Sports: Each Wave can pick and choose most of the sports they wish to, but Baseball is strongly urged and Paint Balling is mandatory.

Baseball is about Patience, Focus, and Strategy. It can be an excellent 'team builder'. The basic lineup of nine members is perfect for Trikonai. And as America's National Pastime [once upon a time at least] it has deep propaganda and nostalgia value.

Paint Balling is an obvious choice, hence being mandatory. It is a high impact form of mock warfare. The skills, gear and much of the equipment are easily transferable to The Temple's security needs. The Trikona is an organic structure for a Fire Team. And as a serious bonding ritual, at some point each Trikona should be hunted by the rest of the Wave simply to see how long they can survive.

Equestrian Training: Each Sister in the Wave will learn basic horseback riding skills. There is no need to go for competition level training, just the feeling and ability to be at home upon a horse. Again, this is about being an Amazon. Horse Culture is in the Amazon's Soul.

Outward Bound: During the Wave's second year it will engage the organization Outward Bound for a vigorous group 'nature experience'. This will be a bonding experience that the Wave itself does not need to control and a useful place to utilize much of the training and skills acquired in the previous ex-number of months.

So, looking back upon these goals one can see that the Sisterhood Training as outlined here is very demanding, especially on a physical level. And that only a small group of Sisters would be able to complete such a Training. They would be fairly young, say 20 to 40 years old, in good psychical condition to begin with and be willing and able to commit their time to totally participate in and finish a full Wave Cycle.

This will obviously seem unfair and exclusionary to those who are not in that category. And it is. The entire Purpose of The Sisterhood Training is to create an elite of Sisters who are capable of driving The Temple's efforts forward to build a New Matriarchy. Be aware that in the long run some of them will die doing that work. This is not a child's game we are playing here.

That said, we also cannot simply write off entire groups of Sisters who do not have the ability to do the above type of Training because they are not 'the above type of Sister'. That is more than merely unfair; it is utterly foolish and totally contrary to our Purpose.

Therefore, besides the Maximum Impact Training [MI-1] outlined above, there will also be a Medium and Minimum Impact versions of the Sisterhood Training.

The Medium Impact Training [MI-2] will be for Sisters who could probably handle the physical and emotional demands, but whose lives and/or personal inclinations do not allow for the type of time and energy commitment required by the Maximum Impact Training. How each of these Waves operates will largely be determined by their members. The Central Training Organization will set some basic goals, but from there the specifics will be worked out 'in group', which I have found is often an 'interesting exercise' in and of itself.

The Minimum Impact Training [MI-3] is for those Sisters who simply cannot handle the physical demands of either of the first two versions. They may be too old. They may be disabled. Some could find it all too emotionally intense and need something gentler. It too will determine most of its goals and plans 'in group' along with guidelines from the Central Training Organization.

The Trikona will still be the required basic unit however and for the same reasons in each Wave.

It is hoped that after a Guest Event and a Workshop Series that one of each of version will manifest. That may not always be so. But whenever there would more than one version underway, the key is that they are all Sisters and intramural support is essential. It is likely that many issues would come up, such as the 'feeling less' and 'popular girl' paradigms that may have plagued some Sisters since their teens. That would be some tough work right there.

Some will look at all this and proclaim loudly, and likely hysterically, all this to be a 'terrorist training scheme' and/or an effort to 'build a revolutionary army', so let's address that noise right out of the gate.

The Temple utterly eschews Terrorism. Such is the desperate strategy of the weak and the dis-empowered. And terrorists almost always wind up as pawns in someone else's political game plan. Our goals and plans are our own.

The Temple also rejects Revolution. History shows that it tends to merely replace one set of grasping oppressive bastards with another set of grasping oppressive bastards, ofttimes a worse collection. And note they're usually all Males, too. We won't play that game either.

The essential purpose of The Sisterhood Training is two fold;

One, to train a cadre of Sisters to protect themselves and the rest of the Sisterhood. The goal of a New Matriarchy will terrify some into violent reaction and The Temple must be prepared to deal with that. As I have said many times, my brothers will not give up their power without a fight.

Two, any Sister who can commit to and complete such a rigorous regime as outline above will never again be intimidated by anything. She will still see how Patriarchy oppresses her, but she will never ever again be a 'victim' of anything. Victim Feminism is a handmaiden of Patriarchy and it will take a Sisterhood of Amazon Warrior Priestesses to truly extirpate such a deeply embedded and self defeating paradigm.

And all this is still totally hypothetical. The very first Wave will have no Guest Event or Workshop Series. They'll be a handful of Sisters, maybe only two or three Trikonai, who will work from the above outline to build what will become the Central Training Organization. One day their work will be legendary because of what was stated at the very top of this section; “The Sisterhood Training is the womb from which the New Matriarchy will be born.”

~The Temple create a network of shelters and housing for women [for non-Temple members and not related to the residences listed above]. This will include at least one large overnight shelter with support facilities, various shelters for battered women, addicted women, and multi-year transitional living programs. We will also get into the permanent housing business, through Section 8 and/or whatever programs are available.

~The Temple will set up a free dental clinic for poor and homeless women, one that provides any and all dental services, with an emphasis on cosmetic restoration.

~The Temple will establish our own network of health care providers over time, with our own payment system, one that will rival the Catholic health care network one day.

~We will start – through our educational foundation – a non-profit progressive women's firearms educational and advocacy organization, a radical feminist counterpart to the NRA. This will be a stand alone, non-sectarian group dedicated to promoting “Guns: The Other Pro-Choice Issue”. It's focus will be training women how to use firearms and to lobby for concealed carry permits for 'women at risk', erg. women being stalked, working in dangerous neighborhoods, etc.

~We will build a complex of interrelated for profit Entertainment companies, tangentially related to, but legally separate from, The Temple, to promote our Stories in the media. These will include publishing, film, music, gaming, ancillary marketing, even fashion, as The Temple will have its own Style [and a rather chic one, too].

~Through our educational foundation we will create a model for and then establish a network of primary and secondary parochial girls schools with a curriculum that emphasizes athletics, liberal arts, and hard science in equal measure. These will be open to all girls who qualify, not only to The Temple's younglings. The Precepts of The Temple would be present in the general atmosphere, but not forced upon anyone. That is counter to our teachings. The staff will be hired purely upon their professional qualifications, though it is likely that most will be individuals who support the overall concepts.

~We will separately incorporate a security company that will have two primary purposes: One, provide physical security for The Temple's various locations and for our affiliated organizations, and Two, operate an investigative arm that will do background checks, etc, and provide security on a more subtle level.

~The Temple will sponsor Girl Scout troops. These will be run much like the girl's schools in that The Temple's involvement will be apparent, and many of the activities will reflect The Temple's agenda [How many little girls would love to learn how to shoot a bow from the back of a galloping horse?] but the troops will be open to any and all girls.

~As The Temple and its Sisterhood is Transhumanist movement whose long range goals require that our Sisters ultimately evolve into Cyborg Amazons, we will establish a number of research foundations in order to actively pursue that outcome. This will include, though not be limited to, Genetics, Nano Technology, Human Augmentation, Female Repro-duction, and, of course, Cloning.

To give some idea of how this could manifest here is my now infamous essay, “The Seed Dance,” which covers the first four areas a research listed above.

“Hypothetically speaking, with the coming advent of physically implanted miniature computers and physiological maintenance nanites, it could become possible for one woman to impregnate another woman in a sexual act and vise versa. It would require focus, so accidental pregnancies would be virtually impossible, but desired pregnancies would be virtually guaranteed.

Both women would have to be ovulating, but if they have lived together for any length of time, their cycles would be in alignment. They would engage in whatever foreplay that they enjoyed most, raising their level of sexual excitement, which would facilitate the process on several levels.

When they were both 'there' - a very personal and highly subjective state - the women wound get into the Scissor Leg position. The genitals would need to be freshly dipilated to a fine degree. The vaginal/vaginal contact would establish a 'lubricant bridge', which would create a flow of nanite interaction.

The 'impregnator' or Seed Mother would then direct her physio-comp to engage a preset program whereby her nanites detach a viable egg from one of her ovaries and guide it down the fallopian tube through the uterus into the cervix and then to the vaginal entrance.

The 'impregnatee' or Womb Mother would simultaneously direct her physio-comp to engage a preset program whereby her nanites stand by to receive the Seed Mother's egg and then guide it up into her uterus to fertilize a prepared 'receptor egg' that has been moved there from one of her ovaries.

The moment of truth is the hand off of the Seed Egg from one set of nanites to the other on the lubricant bridge. Some of the Seed Mother's nanites would have to be traded to the Womb Mother. [This would also bring the concept of hardware and software compatibility to a whole new level]

The results would be known almost immediately. If the hand off was successful, fertilization is highly probable and the Womb Mother's physio-comp would tell her.

I can already hear some sneering: "Why not just have women grow penises?", though I expect a more vulgar term would be used. And I have two answers to that.

First, that basically defeats the purpose. What is being aimed for here is a female mono-gendered society, not a hermaphroditic one. The latter would be a different beast altogether for many reasons, none of which I feel compelled to elaborate upon here.

Second, at a later date, they will grow their own penises, except that these penises will be detachable bioforms engineered and grown from each woman's own DNA. Obviously, this is a more complex and sophisticated technology which will require more time to develop.

However, these detachable bioforms would recreational implements. In order to make them a tool for reproduction, women's internal workings would need to be extensively re-adapted. As I have stated above, that would defeat the purpose.

The Seed Dance described above is a mutual and equal interaction, not merely a 'depositing of seed'. The Womb Mother would be actively receptive, not a passive vessel. And it is a two way street. For the couples next daughter - egg to egg would produce only females - they could switch roles.

These realities - The Seed Dance which side steps the need for The Male in reproduction and produces only daughters - combine to create an entirely new dynamic, socially, politically, spiritually, a new Matriarchy of a type that has never existed before.

In this world, Women are Sisters and Daughters of Sisters and Mothers of Sisters. That simple fact alone would create a far more peaceful world. It is harder to oppress and kill those one perceives as ones own kin, ones own flesh and blood. That is primarily the sin of Patriarchy, of The Male who fears Loss to other Males, and that will largely disappear along with him.

These technologies - computer implants, medical nanites, egg to egg fertilization - are already under development. All that is needed to combine them to create The Seed Dance is time, money, and the will to do so.

The Temple has the will. The money is already beginning to manifest. And The Goddess will give us the time. In the interim, my Sisters, there is much work to be done. And so it is...”

Much like with the examination of The Pentavalent, it would probably be a good idea to re-read this. There are a lot of concepts here, but in order to lay the foundations of an entirely new society one must plan extensively and boldly.

Now let us examine what may be The Temple's most potent psycho-cultural 'secret weapon': The Trikona.

Her Prophet Explains: Part Five "The Trikona”