Sunday, September 11, 2011

Her Prophet Explains: Addendum E [The Temple's Flag]

~This is the basic design of The Temple's flag, along with an explanation of it symbolism.

The Black Flag: Black represents the Infinite Nature of the Universe. The Black Flag is also a classic revolutionary standard, one that is separate from the Red Flag and its atheist connotations, yet still fierce and uncompromising.

The Laurel Wreath: The ancient Greek symbol of Sacred Victory and a modern symbol of Unity and Peace.

The Pentagram: The ancient symbol of Ceremonial Majick and the modern symbol of Witches and their Craft.

The Red V: V is the Roman numeral five, symbolizing The Pentavalent, the metaphysical operating system of the Five Valances. The color red symbolizes the passion of our belief in that system.

The relative size of The Temple's insignia and its positioning in the upper left corner indicates that while we seek a strong presence in The Universe, we know we can never dominate it.

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