Sunday, September 11, 2011

Her Prophet Explains: "The Introduction"

"The natural superiority of women is a biological fact, and a socially acknowledged reality." ~Ashley Montagu

“The only interesting answers are those which destroy the questions.” ~Susan Sontag

~I have spoken and written about The Temple of The Pentavalent for years, but until now I have never given a simple and comprehensive explanation of how The Temple actually came about, what it is, how it works, and what it is meant to do. I shall endeavor to do so in the following pages.

So, you ask; What is The Fifth Wave? What is The Temple? What is The Pentavalent? And who the expletive is Her Prophet?

This is The Temple's Mission Statement: “The Temple is a Fifth Wave Feminism in that it leaps ahead of a nascent Fourth Wave, still incrementally emerging from the Second and Third Waves, to an entirely new construct. It is not a Separatism or even a Dominance, but a Completeness and therefore a New Beginning.

We believe that the long term prospects of the human species for our survival, progress, and prosperity requires the establishment of a New Matriarchy. In taking practical steps toward the implementation of that goal, we shall build upon the foundations laid by contemporary feminism over the last two hundred plus years, combined with modern techniques and technologies, melded together with a Revealed Spirituality of The Feminine as Divine that is specific and yet all inclusive. This is a Goddess driven Transhumanist Feminism.

The central strategy here is The Viral Meme, the Idea that is so compelling and dynamic that that is spreads like wildfire. That Idea exists; a entirely new and modern form of Matriarchy. Our task is to create that Idea as a Practical Reality, a Practical Reality that becomes the microcosm of this new society, a Practical Reality that is vital, replicable, adaptable, and then plant it in the societies that presently exist.

In many places, it shall flourish and expand. In some places, it will struggle and even be extinguished. But if we do our work effectively and remain true to both the practical goals and the Spiritual vision of this New Matriarchy, we will grow into and absorb even the most hostile social orders.”

Put more plainly, The Temple is the organizational core of a Revealed Feminist Spirituality and it is meant to be the foundation of a practical socio-cultural movement to establish a New Matriarchy...and The Pentavalent is its Metaphysical Operating System.

And I am Her Prophet, 'Her' being that Creative Energy which is generally known as The Goddess. [Note: That 'title' does somewhat embarrass me as I am still a skeptic at heart...but my Spirit Guide laid it on me, so what can I do?]

It is suggested you go back and read all that a second time.

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