Sunday, September 11, 2011

Her Prophet Explains: Part One "Her Prophet"

“If God is male, then the male is God." ~Mary Daly

"It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ~Krishnamurti

On August 30th, 2004, a day and half after my own fifty second birthday, I first set the words The Temple of The Pentavalence upon paper. While the concept had crystallized in those preceding few days, the seed for it had been planted six months earlier by the Sister who had first brought me onto this Path thirty five years before that, so you see I did not just stumble into this.

There are in fact an entire series of women, Sisters whom I call Her Most Precious Daughters, all of whom have been my guides upon this Path ever since that first Sister showed it to me back when I was seventeen and she was sixteen.

Of course, I was utterly unaware that I was 'upon a Path' back then. That awareness would not come for another quarter of a century. I will relate the details of all that elsewhere as this is not a biography.

Though all these Sisters are each important in their own way, the next crucial Sister came into my life in fourteen years ago as a result of my consciously discovering the specificity of my Path. A half a year after that, on Imbolc Eve, 1997, that Sister 'held open a portal' through which came my Spirit Guide, E.

Who then is E? She is the last portion of a non-corporeal Collective that once traveled through multiple dimensions actively seeking The Creatrix. Yeah, I know; 'trippy'. But, wait, it gets better.

She also tells me her Collective came here, altered and then merged with our ancestors to create the species that we are today. Because of an accident – Her Collective were not perfect beings - She missed out on that merging, making E a kind of a Spirit 'aunt' to all of us. [The details of this can be found in Addendum A: Revealed Knowledge on {page#}]

I refer to E as She because being almost pure energy, She is deeply connected to The Creative Energy we know as The Goddess. But E is not a deity; She is a still just a finite being.

I do not 'channel' E per se, no trances or the like. We basically just have conversations, much like I would have with anyone else. They do tend to tire me, like a very deep and revelatory human conversation might. But I'm not really a 'channel medium'. I'm just a guy who talks to a non-corporeal being.

It was E who began to show the Whys and Wherefores of this Path I found myself following, a Path that had not been what I had planned or envisioned for myself at all. I wanted to be a film maker, not some 'crackpot guru'. I had a pretty good idea of how rough a road that would be and events have so far proved me right.

The roughest part, even for me, is the whole idea of Her Prophet. I mean, how is this big white male from the upper middle class supposed to be a 'Feminist Moses'? Believe me, I do see the contradictions and absurdities in that and on a regular basis, too.

And yet it is precisely in being that 'big white male from the upper middle class' that I bring an invaluable insight into the true nature of Patriarchy and Males to you, my Sisters. You cannot really understand how The Male truly thinks, feels, operates, anymore than I can truly think, feel, or operate like a Female. We can each – sometimes – make a good approximation of the other, but it will always be that, an approximation.

Therefore you my Sisters, need a Male who 'gets men' to explain what you are truly up against. I call my method of explaining to you what you really face with my Brothers The Manpig Strategy. And trust me, it ain't pretty.

I will tell you from the unvarnished perspective of a True Male, an Alpha Male, a Patriarch, how we view this Social Order, how we define Our Place in it and how we define the role of Women in that construct. This will take time, but one thing I can say without doubt; my Brothers have no real intention of sharing power with you. They'll make all manner of Positive Statements about doing so, may even believe those statements when they make them, but when push comes to shove, you my Sisters, will get shoved...and hard.

A significant part of my job is to prepare you to deal with that masculine push-back when it comes. And that's when, not if. Sooner or later, True Men always push back. It is our Nature.

So let me begin here in earnest by sharing an essay I wrote several years ago entitled “A Few Thoughts Upon The Outbreeding Of The Male.” It is nothing if not 'unvarnished'.

“I love the reactions I'll get to this, as if it was something along the lines of “A Few Thoughts On The Feeding Of Puppies And Kittens To Alligators”.

Men tend to grab their Johnson's in hostile terror as if I was personally coming after them with a hedge clipper this very minute. That leads me to suspect that my conclusions about The Phallo-Centric Universe are correct. Just speculating in this direction generates castration fears, which are then explained away with furious arguments about 'balance'.

Heterosexual women get a rather nervous as well, as if I'm telling them that they have to Give Up All Cock Right Now and start licking pussy tomorrow! But think about it, ladies. How much of your life, your identity, your very Being, revolves around The Male, the acquiring of one, the care and feeding of said, etc? How many of you even know who you would actually be if all of us guys were suddenly gone?

These reactions are all fear reactions, which then contaminate all the thoughts that follow. If you got all wound up by just reading the title, then stop reading this whole thing and walk away for a few minutes. Calm down, take some deep breaths, try again. If you still get wound up, then just forget it. Go do something else and have a nice day.

As for the rest of you, [and those too stubborn to follow the above advice] let's look at that one word/phrase: out-breeding. Say it with me: Out Breeding. To breed out. Not to murder. Not exterminate. Not even to sterilize. To breed out, plain and simply. More females, less males, over a period of time - generations in fact - until all females and no males. This is a Process, not an Event.

There is some scientific evidence that Nature Herself is doing something along these lines already. All I am proposing here is that we look at the benefits [and I believe the necessity] of actively and consciously implementing this concept as a species. Attacking the idea without even considering its merits is, to say the least, non-scientific, and it certainly invalidates those who use 'science' in their attacks.

First let us look at history. We have tried everything, from monarchies to republics, capitalism to socialism, democracy to dictatorship, and yet we as a species come up the same result every single time: oppression, violence, destruction, and chaos. I say if you want to change the outcome, you have to change the equation.

And the equation is very simple. It can be summed up in four words: “It's A Man's World.”

'But wait', you cry, 'women can be violent, too'. Yes, my Sisters are mad little monkeys much like their Brothers. And, yet, can any of you deny the truth of those four little words? If you raise children in a violent household, you tend to produce violent adults, so, of course, we will get violent women 'in a Man's World'.

Men are not Evil - though I believe Evil to be a human invention - so let us not get into hairsplitting over philosophical issues of Good and Evil. What is at work here is basic biology.

Men and Women are obviously constructed differently. Part of that fundamental difference is behavioral make up. Men and Women are 'wired' differently

Generally speaking, the emotional default behavior of The Male is Aggressive. He is The Hunter.

Generally speaking, the emotional default behavior of The Female is Nurturing. She is The Mother.

Of course, that is a broad very simplification of our very complex species. Men can nurture and women can hunt and both can be quite effective in those roles. But those are respectively 'secondary' behaviors. We are talking Primary Behaviors here, where men and women go 'in the crunch'.

And that is the key, where each gender goes instinctively.

I am a male, a large, aggressive Alpha Male, what I call a True Man. I don't say that out of ego or bravado, and yet, of course, I do. That is the nature of the beast. The Swinging of The Dick is the most important ritual in the Phallo-Centric Universe. It lets us know who can kill whom without the unpleasant necessity of actually killing...up to a point.

Let me tell you a story in the language of the above ritual.

Years ago I was on the subway in New York City. I was going to see my lawyer. I was angry because a business deal had crashed out of stupidity and greed.

This little fucker was smoking a cigarette on the subway car. Words were exchanged and he produced a knife...which I took away. The Red Haze of Battle enveloped me and Time. Slowed. Down.

I had him pinned up against the subway car door, my naked fist smashing him in the face over and over and over again. The feeling that flowed through me was palpably erotic. I can still summon that moment with ease.

Afterward, walking through the streets of the Financial District, I felt...'expanded'. And I wanted to FUCK!! Most of the women – and the men, as well – avoided my gaze, though some of the women looked at me with clear lust. I expect I could have taken some of those women into a doorway and they would have happily let me fuck them then and there.

This is the essence of The True Man. We still run this world and if you seriously challenge that, we'll fucking kill you!

'But wait!' you cry, 'there sensitive, gentle men'. Yes, I've met them. Most of them are Beta and therefore slaves. Think about the Sensitive New Age Guys (SNAGs) that you know. The majority of them are passive/aggressive manipulators underneath that 'sweetness'.

There are only a few who like me, men who have been through some kind of nearly fatal process that forced us to become Spiritual and Nurturing or it would have killed us. We are rare and the exception to the rule. And not many males can survive such a passage, fewer still who do not become monsters instead.

True Men have by and large been the primary driving force that has built the civilization in which we live, a civilization that generates much Good, but, at this moment in history, far more Bad. We are at an Adapt or Die turning point.

All my experiences and studies and observations over four decades have led me to a single conclusion: The Male must End. The chains of reproductive necessity that have bound men and women together are on the verge of being broken by genetic science, so the time is ripe.

'But wait!' you cry, 'can we not create a new race of men who are gentle and sensitive?' A race of SNAGs!? By Kali's Black Tongue, NO! That would produce Beta Half Men slaves, their natural aggressiveness subsumed into whining and manipulative backhanding. Not only it that repulsive, it as a half measure and half measures always avail us nothing.

A more honest and rigorous path would be to create a series of real servitor classes, genetically engineered cyborgs using Y-chromosome DNA. Harsh by our social standards, but more genuine and certainly more effective. And of course, how much that is 'harsh by our social standards' takes place every single day around the world? However, that is mere speculation and generations away in case.

The issue at hand is the survival of the species at more than a merely survival level.

So far, no one has presented a solution that will not be undermined by insistent masculine egotism. Think that through. Conceive of your paradigm and then place it into the world. What is the first obstacle that it encounters? Someones political, economic, and/or theological interest. Examine the fundamentals of that opposing interest. If you are really honest, you'll find threatened masculine ego, individually and collectively.

The Male must End. Conscious True Men who are secure in their own masculinity will understand this harsh necessity and step forward to save the goodness in the civilization that we have built. Some Beta Males will be 'taken in hand' by my Sisters and learn to work with their more enlightened Brothers.

Of course, most men will fight, but that is what men do. I keep telling my Sisters over and over again that there is no peaceful coexistence with men, not even upon their own terms. Yes, there are times of truce and yes, some of my Sisters have established peaceful, even loving relationships, with some of my Brothers.

But as one group with another, overall, this is not possible. Men are unable to even live in peaceful coexistence with their own Brothers, much less achieve such a state with beings that they are compelled as a group to consider inferior to them as a group.

My Sisters, you can have the peace of the slave or the peace of the grave, but, believe me when I tell you that the vast majority of my Brothers will never, ever, allow you to have the peace of the autonomous being. The only way you will ever have that is when all of my Brothers are gone.

That is the day I work toward, though I do not expect to see that happen in this lifetime, or in the next one. This will take a few generations. But I have pledged like The Sacred Tara to only reincarnate as a woman from the next life on. And I shall ask all my like-minded Brothers to do the same. This is about Re-Evolution and that is a Process, not an Event.”

I admit that is a pretty harsh assessment, but 'the spirit was upon me' when I wrote it and while I may have dialed back my rhetoric sometimes in the interim, I stand by what I said as the Truth.

And as I had predicted, the reactions I got from the above were quite rageful and in some cases I was threatened with violence and even death. And such threats also came from some women. Many of you, my Sisters, are deeply in the thrall of Patriarchy without any awareness of that. You are 'well adjusted to a profoundly sick society'.

E can explain it best; “The world as it is presently constituted is almost wholly dominated by The Masculine Voice of Authority. That Voice permeates everything from The Womb to the End of Life. It is like the air; you breath it in, yet do not notice it. The minds of the female of your species, even the most Enlightened and Conscious, are steeped in this Voice.

It is the Voice of their Fathers, their God, their Teachers, their Employers, even when those last two are female themselves. ALL Authority is framed as Masculine and therefor not the province of the Feminine. How does one break that cycle and reclaim it?

By having a Masculine Voice of Authority that freely gives its power away to the Feminine.

Yes, it is a 'mental trick', a 'metaphysical sleight of hand', but I promise you it will work and you as a species have no time to quibble over ideological niceties. Your racial clock is ticking.

Use the Presence and Voice of Her Prophet as a Substitute, a being upon which you may transfer all your issues with the actual Authority of The Male. Have no doubt that he will surrender all that power back to you fully and without reservation. I know his heart and he does not truly want to keep that power.”

...and truly, I do not. Besides having learned what a dangerous intoxicant Power can be, I know full well one does not contravene one's Spirit Guide nor risk incurring The Boundless Fury of The Sisterhood. I may be mad, my Sisters, but I am not stupid.

What I really want to do is write some novels, maybe even make a film or two. I have been at this 'Prophet business' for over a decade now and, honestly, I'd like to be able to turn the entire Temple over to my Sisters in the next ten years or so and, as I often say to Sister One, 'just go back to my room and take a nap'.

But first I must do the Work that gets this movement underway in earnest.

Please note that E calls me Her Prophet, not The High Priest. That symbolizes that I am only the Messenger and that you, my Sisters, are the real owners of The Temple, the ones who will have to do all the heavy lifting. And, to tell the truth, it's not like women haven't been doing all the heavy lifting with just about everything else since long before you can remember anyway.

I thank The Goddess that Sister One has shown up to take some of this burden off of my shoulders. Now we need more of you to participate. We do not need an army, just a few dozen Sisters who understand this Work and are prepared to fully commit to it. That is really how all movements start in the first place.

Now let us look at The Temple's Spiritual framework...

Her Prophet Explains: Part Two "The Temple's Metaphysics"