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Her Prophet Explains: Part Seven “Summation”

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

So, let us review the basics:

~The Temple is the organizational core of a Revealed Feminist Spirituality and it is meant to be the foundation of a practical socio-cultural movement to establish a New Matriarchy.

~The Pentavalent is its Metaphysical Operating System.

~And I am Her Prophet, 'Her' being that Creative Energy which is generally known as The Goddess.

~Her Prophet channels a Spirit Guide he calls E
, who is a Being of Pure Energy, but not a Deity. She also gave him the title Her Prophet....which he is not totally comfortable with.

~This Spirit Guide gave him The Pentavalent, which is as follows:

The First Valence: The Creatrix is The Foundation of All
The Goddess is The Divine as Feminine and The Female as Divine. Her Triple Energy is The Core of Human Existence: Spiritual Energy, Sexual Energy, and Creative Energy, all three inextricably intertwined, all three Feminine Energies. These Energetic Vibrations are The Basis of Creation, The Foundation of All. And Energy can only be Transformed, never destroyed.
[This is about The Goddess]

The Second Valence: The Pentavalent Is An Adaptive Metaphysical Operating System
Majick is a Meta-Physical Technology that can be enhanced by, and is ultimately reconcilable with, Patriarchal Science, and it is the duty of all Her Practitioners to study both Disciplines and work toward their reconciliation and integration, tempered by the awareness that they cannot yet know how said reconciliation shall ultimately manifest.
[This is about the Discipline of Majick]

The Third Valence: Women Must Reclaim All That Is Theirs

A New Matriarchy is to be founded. Without exception, all that once belonged to The Goddess must be reclaimed. Without exception, all that once belonged to Women must be reclaimed. The Masculine Qualities of The Race are to be reclaimed and reintegrated by Women. The birth of Daughters is preferred over the birth of sons.

[This is about Reclaiming]

The Fourth Valence: The Creatrix Has Many Aspects
The Goddess reveals Herself in Many Aspects. All of Her Aspects are to be honored. All of Her Aspects are to be considered paramount. Any 'god' is to be 'consort' and equal only in regard to an individual Aspect of The Goddess, never to The Goddess Herself. In each of Her Aspects, Priestesses shall aways have precedence. Priesthoods are always to be discouraged.
[This is about a Sisterhood of Goddesses for a Sisterhood of Women]

The Fifth Valence: The Pentavalence is The Community Of The Five Valences
"The Pentavalence" is all of Her Practitioners who gather under these precepts as Solitaries, Covens, Groves, Arrays, and Cults, each honoring and worshiping which of Her Aspects they shall choose, in the manner they shall choose, consistent with the precepts of "The Pentavalent". We may individually call ourselves by different titles, "Witch", “Shaman”, "Practitioner", but, all together, we are "The Pentavalence": The Community of The Five Valences.
[This is about creating Community]

All together this is about Goddess Majick Reclaiming Sisterhood Community.

~The Temple has a Mission Statement:

“The Temple is a Fifth Wave Feminism in that it leaps ahead of a nascent Fourth Wave, still incrementally emerging from the Third Wave, to an entirely new construct. It is not a Separatism or even a Dominance, but a Completeness and therefore a New Beginning.

We believe that the long term prospects of the human species for our survival, progress, and prosperity requires the establishment of a New Matriarchy. In taking practical steps toward the implementation of that goal, we shall build upon the foundations laid by contemporary feminism over the last two hundred plus years, combined with modern techniques and technologies, melded together with a Revealed Spirituality of The Feminine as Divine that is specific and yet all inclusive.

The central strategy here is The Viral Meme, the Idea that is so compelling and dynamic that that is spreads like wildfire. That Idea exists; a entirely new and modern form of Matriarchy. Our task is to create that Idea as a Practical Reality, a Practical Reality that becomes the microcosm of this new society, a Practical Reality that is vital, replicable, adaptable, and then plant it in the societies that presently exist.

In many places, it shall flourish and expand. In some places, it will struggle and even be extinguished. But if we do our work effectively and remain true to both the practical goals and the Spiritual vision of this New Matriarchy, we will grow into and absorb even the most hostile social orders.”

~The Temple has practical 'nuts and bolts' plans, short and long term, to lay down the foundation for the above New Matriarchy and to build it into a world spanning construct.

Those are The Basics. How all of this will come to pass – or even if it ever does come to pass - depends upon you, my Sisters. As I have said over and over again, I am merely a messenger. I cannot do this myself. This is not for me anyway. It is for you, my Sisters.

Now, some of you may have asked, “What if I'm not a lesbian or even bisexual?”

In the beginning stages of The Temple's work and expansion, there will of course be many women who are neither lesbians or actively bisexual, who will be involved with The Temple's affiliated groups and organizations, The Sisterhood Training, an so on.

These women are still Sisters regardless of with whom they are inclined to have sexual intercourse. Yes, we are advocating a Lesbian Future, but that is still many generations away.

That said however, it has been well established for quite a long time that we humans are a sexually polymorphous species. In other words, we are all bisexual to one degree or another, and how we manifest that is significantly influenced by our socio-cultural conditioning.

And we will always seek out the sexual pleasure that is actually available to us, the most obvious albeit both clichéd and extreme example of this is the sexual behavior of incarcerated populations of both the Primary Genders.

All we ask of our Sisters is to keep an open mind on the subject.

This then leads to the question sure to be asked by heteronormative Sisters, “What about the men in our lives, our fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, sons, etc?”

That's very simple: Those males get to choose how they might support you in this work, a choice which can include choosing not to.

In that regard, all The Temple will ever require is that those choices be made in plain sight. In other words, my brothers, honesty about where you are at.

And all this leads to The Big Question: “How DO men actually fit into this New Matriarchy?”

Well, to be blunt, in the long run...they don't. As it says in the Third Valence, “The birth of Daughters is preferred over the birth of sons.” This calls for an 'out-breeding', a steady process of 'demographic deletion', with more Daughters and less sons until it is finally all Daughters and no sons.

Some of you will ask, “But why cannot men live in this New Matriarchy?”

The central issue here is the disconnect between The Body and The Spirit. As E says, "The Light of The Creatrix, no matter its brightness, is still refracted through the prism of Self."

Self is a holistic construct: Body, Mind, Spirit. The Body is Transient, it dies. The Spirit is Immortal, it does not die, though E says it can be destroyed, but that is outside of the frame of this discussion. The Mind is Mutable, in that while Memory basically 'dies' with The Body, The Mind is the bridge between Body and Spirit and some of that Memory transits with The Spirit to the next vessel, the amount being determined by the metaphysical evolution of The Spirit in question. Again, the hows and whys of this are largely outside the frame of this discussion.

So, what does this have to do with outbreeding males?

I shall use The Great American Metaphor - The Automobile - to explain. Let us say that The Body is The Car and The Spirit is The Driver. Now let us say that you, The Driver, have owned three different cars in your driving history. The first, an old 'beater' you bought when you were young, let's say a late 60's gas guzzling boat that crapped out every other Tuesday. Next, you bought a brand new Volvo station wagon when you were raising a family. Last, you got yourself a Ferrari Testarossa when you were single again and had money to burn on toys. [Yes, I am using an essentially 'masculine' paradigm here, but run with it for now.]

Now, think about how you need to drive each of these vehicles. The different nature of each one of them determines how you drive them. Sure, you could drive the big 60's boat like the Testarossa, but I suspect you would soon have a date with the local paramedics if you made that a habit.

The Body is the same. Its physical construction largely determines the nature of its operations. At its simplest, if you're five feet tall, you could still play basketball, but you ain't getting anywhere near the NBA unless you buy a ticket.

The way The Spirit acquires The Body is much like the way a driver acquires a car, except the medium is Karma not cash, though both are accrued through behavior over time. Again, this is largely outside the frame of this discussion. I just tossed it in here because I knew some would be asking.

Of course, there are many sub-sets that determine the nature of The Body: physicality, genetics, environment. But there is one primary element that is the greatest determining factor: reproductive equipment. [I'll say Sex for short. Gender is a word that has become so diffuse as to be functionally useless in this context.]

It is Sex that determines more than anything else the basic nature of each Body. And, statistically speaking, the vast majority of humans are born with a full set of one type or the other, so I'm not entertaining any genital hairsplitting arguments in this discussion, though I do acknowledge that they are germane in other areas. We are sticking to basics here.

Sex, however, is more than just biology. It is also an Energetic state. The mechanics of reproductive equipment are also metaphysical. They are literally at our core as the physical center of The Body, and at the beginning of our Chakrahs. This is the most basic factor in "the prism of Self".

So, when The Body is Male, it is strongly inclining The Spirit to operate in one way, and when The Body is Female, it strongly inclining The Spirit to operate in another way. The Body filters The Energy of The Spirit. Now we get to the part where people tend to start screaming: defining the basic nature of each Body.

Male Energy is primarily Aggressive. Female Energy is primarily Creative. Aggressive is Hunt/Acquire/Destroy. Creative is Nurture/Heal/Grow.

Having made these definitions, I will qualify them by reminding you that not only are there many variations in the sub-sets, but also - and most importantly - each Spirit has lived in many Bodies of both Sexes over time and Memory does seep through, so there are variations from person to person.

But the primary issue here is Critical Mass. Large groups of Male Bodies create a far different energy than large groups of Female Bodies. I'm sure many of you have experienced that variation of Energy first hand: rock concerts and/or political demonstrations, most likely. One could say that these groups are really just the two sub-sets of The Mob, but most 'mobs' have been - and are still - primarily Male. Female 'mobs' are rather rare actually. The only ones that come to mind are teenage girls in the early to mid 60's mobbing rock stars, which in some ways hark back to The Maenads. But The Mob is where the dynamic of Sex Energy is purest and that is why 'mobs' are mostly Male. It is The Pack That Hunts.

"No! No! No!" you scream, "I am an Individual! I am Free! I am Autonomous!" Well, sorta... Sure, we do have a certain level of Free Will. But the human condition forces us to do certain things. You can choose to stop breathing. But when you pass out, you'll automatically start again. There are numerous other physical, psychological, and metaphysical elements that govern us similarly.

The fact of it is that The Male is primarily driven by his Cock. I know. I have one. It doesn't drive me like it used to when I was young, but much of that hard wired 'the universe revolves around my dick' thinking/feeling is still there...and my brothers are all pretty much the same. Only a number of harsh life experiences have shifted my personality, experiences that are not generally available to most men, or, for that matter, necessarily even survivable.

This drive has worked for us as a species for a long time, though the cost has been high. A brief review of history of history will quickly reveal the nature of that cost. Ramses III. Darius. Alexander. Caesar. Charlemagne. Louis XIV. Napoleon. Lenin. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Tremendous strides were made, but the body count was huge and hundreds of cities burned.

Throughout all this, there were many tools and resources that helped our species to reach the point we have presently reached: a civilization both magnificent and monstrous. But old tools must be discarded when they have out lived their usefulness. Why use coal for urban light rail when we have electricity? True, many power plants still use coal to make that electricity, but we know that those must change too if we are to survive. It's a process of evolutionary adaptation.

The Male Body is the same. It is a tool that has been of great use to us - though with a cost - and now it must be phased out if we are to survive. It is The Male whose Ego is Paramount. It is The Male who wages war. It is The Male who invokes The Father/God and says, "Believe or Die!" and is willing - even happy - to destroy any and all to avoid even the possibility of being half 'wrong'.

Obviously, this has to stop...and it will, one way or another. We can simply allow 'things to run their course', which is a recipe for death and destruction on a scale heretofore unseen. Or we can work to mitigate this coming disaster as best as we are able. That is what I am trying to do, change our course through a construct that is both mundane and metaphysical. History shows that this is a necessary combination, or at least the one that is most effective in the long term.

Of course, I might fail. If so, then that is The Lesson. But part of all Lessons is the need to attain Consciousness and Take Action in accordance with what is Revealed. Goddess Knows, I certainly can do no less than that. And maybe I can do more.

"Ah, but what of The Female Body?" you may ask. I make no claim that my Sisters will make a perfect world if left to their own devices, nor do we want that anyway. Utopias are dead end cultures by their very nature. If things are 'perfect', why change anything?

The real point is that while this New Matriarchy would grow out of our present civilization, it would be an inherently more stable society. There would still be strife. My Sisters are still human. But the body count would far lower, no cities would burn, and overall the place would be much cleaner.

“So what about men right now?”

My brothers who are sympathetic to, and wish to be supportive of, The Temple's goals will certainly be welcome to do so from outside of The Temple itself. How that support manifests will be entirely up to them.

Inside The Temple however will be a select number of like minded men, who shall be called Korettes [koor-et-teez]

Korettes are named after the ancient Greek Goddess Kore', sometimes known as Persephone. Kore' has also been known as a Triple Goddess, Her Three Aspects being Persephone [maiden], Demeter [mother], Hecate [crone]. Korettes is an ancient term itself, translating both as "Sons of Kore" and "Male Servants of Kore".

I suspect that many of The Korettes will be the 'property' of The Temple's Domme Sisters, some powerful out in the world when not wearing their Collar, some full time-live in slaves residing in, and directly serving, The Temple itself. This will also provide a useful alternative model of the male's role for the girls growing up in The Temple.

This form of Female Supremacy will differ greatly from that practiced by many 'professional Dommes' in that is not a game, but a true Life Path. The 'pro's, for the most part, just 'do a job'. They are Service Providers, not real practitioners of Female Supremacy, and so the exercise is merely a pantomime, that when done, relegates those Dommes 'back into the shadows'.

Those Sisters in The Temple who follow The Path of The True Domme will never be that type of 'employee' of Patriarchy.

The essential rule is to never allow the relationship between the Domme and her submissives be a commercial relationship. Beyond the legal issues, which could certainly change one day, this creates the Service Provider paradigm mentioned above and The Sisterhood will never 'serve' males.

A Domme's submissives can and should provide for her materially as to her wishes. This is the natural course of things and part of how our Dommes will help build The Temple. They can give her money and gifts and the sweat of their brow, but never ever will any of them ever provide a 'cash payment for services', even when such becomes legal.

And any attempt to do so should be met with a punishment that is decidedly unenjoyable.

It is well known in certain quarters that many powerful men, judges, elected officials, high powered corporate executives, law enforcement and military personnel, are sexual submissives in their private lives. It's a natural impulse really. The constant requirement for Control is exhausting and there is relief in submission.

I have often wondered what an fully organized and well coordinated Army of Dommes could achieve. I suspect that in a very short time they could quietly gain near complete political and economic control over the entire country, possible even the entire world.

However, that is all speculation for the future...

In the meantime, it should be clear to any thoughtful person that we as a species are at an important crossroads in our development. What we do over the next few decades will determine the basic nature of what kind of beings we shall be for centuries to come. We certainly cannot go on as we have. That way lays misery and pain.

One of the things we in The Temple believe to be essential is the need to divest our-selves of the Judeo-Christlamic Father/God Paradigm. Remember that it is the obsolete metaphysical operating system of Bronze Age nomads, it was severely corrupted by the Imperial Roman state bureaucracy, and it is The Keystone of Patriarchy.

As was stated before, in a technologically advancing society its contradictions will lead to more and more violence against the advancements that refute its beliefs and/or to a rejection of the Spiritual entirely and possibly even to 'science based' Fundamentalist Atheism, an outcome which could conceivable be even worse than the Reign of the Patriarchal Father/God Himself, as such would still have Masculinist world views embedded deep within its core, views then 'enshrined' by Science.

We are among the many who believe that we as a species need some sort of meta-physical operating system to help us deal with what a appears a vast and indifferent Universe; Belief as a 'survival mechanism'. Keep in mind that in Plato's list, Meta-physics comes after Physics, literally means 'after physics'. In that paradigm it is a reasoned extension of the scientific world view.

So therefore it should be understood that The Pentavalent is meant to be a way to see 'after physics', not a refutation of them as nearly all other religions tend to be. It is a system that is Creationist in that we believe that there is a Source of All – which we chose to call The Creatrix for the reasons stated above - but we do not profess to yet know what that Source actually is. In fact the main part of our goal is to seek to understand Her using any and all means available.

The issue of a female only society has stirred some controversy as one might image. But, as is clearly stated above, we do not propose a phallocidal paradigm [e.g. 'kill all the men'] that some have accused us of. Hell, Her Prophet is Male and I can personally assure he is not suicidal. In any event, such a concept is neither moral nor practical. At best, it would lead to a Gender War that could quite likely destroy the entire species; at the very least such a conflict would cripple us for generations.

We believe that women will prove to be superior stewards of our species, our world, and, ultimately, other worlds. The long term goal is a slow ending of the male, the birth of daughters out pacing the birth of sons until the race is all daughters. The stories above should provide some idea of what that might look like.

What many of you may not know is that there are those in the Transhumanist Movement who wish to eliminate Gender itself, to become Immortal Beings of Intellect who reject the Flesh and Sexuality altogether, areas of human existence that are widely considered to be 'of the Feminine'.

But this is just another form of Rationalism, which is a subset of Masculinism and therefore functionally just another form of Father/God Cultism, albeit without Himself. Not surprisingly, most proponents of this concept are highly educated white middle class North American males who tend strongly toward Atheism. But “If God is male, then the male is God,” applies here as these fellows have all been raised inside Patriarchy. They just wish to truly make themselves gods.

It should not take too much imagination to see where that would lead...

I point things like that out to you, my Sisters, to show you that the clock is ticking and that if you go along as you have been, Patriarchy could consume you in ways far beyond your worse nightmares. Dynamic Action is required and soon.

So here is what we propose: creating a society that is both stable and dynamic, a society that has two primary purposes: First, to strive to honestly understand the true nature of everything in the universe, which is ultimately The Search for The Creatrix...and Second, to raise generations of daughters who are strong, healthy, and balanced in Mind, Body, and Spirit so that the First Purpose may be pursued without pause or hindrance.

I can imagine no greater goal. Can you?

So then, how does one join?

The basic requirement for a Sister’s Initiation into The Temple is that she has a general understanding and acceptance of The Pentavalent and a willingness to work toward the implementation of its Precepts.

The Sister being considered for Initiation should be 18 or older, or, if under 18, have the written permission of a parent or legal guardian, even if said parent or legal guardian is already a Temple Member. Minimum age would be determined by the onset of Menarche, as that is when a Maiden 'crosses over' into Womanhood, at least biologically.

Since at this point the entire Temple is only a single Interim Trikona, personal vetting of Sisters is pretty much the rule for now. As The Temple grows, a ‘mechanism’ will need to be established, basically an Initiated Sister, or Sisters, talking to a potential new Sister to ‘see where she’s at’.

Korettes must be Sponsored by an Initiated Sister and their vetting will be far more stringent.

and, unless they actually work for or as a florist, nobody’s selling flowers..

And this below is the actual Initiation into The Sisterhood of The Pentavalence.

Initiator: What do you wish?

Sister: I, (Sister's first name) wish to enter into the service of The Temple of The Pentavalence.

Initiator: What is your Pledge?

Sister: I pledge my Body, Mind, and Spirit to the service of The Temple of The Pentavalence. I pledge to abide by and support the Precepts of The Temple, as set forth in The Five Valences, and to share them with all of my Sisters, whenever possible.

Initiator: What of your Sisters?

Sister: I pledge to show love and compassion for all of my Sisters, to give them my Loyalty and to accept theirs. I pledge to show love and compassion even for those Sisters who are still Enslaved by Patriarchy and seem lost to The Goddess.

Initiator: And what of Our Divine Mistress?

Sister: I pledge my Body, Mind and Spirit to Her, however She may manifest Herself to me. I pledge to dedicate my Body, Mind and Spirit to establish Her Dominion here on this world, a Matriarchy guided by our Sisterhood.

Initiator: Is your Pledge true and freely given?

Sister: I Swear, by all I hold Sacred, that my Pledge is true and freely given.

Initiator: Speak the Charge of The Sisterhood.

Clear My Eyes,
Quiet My Thoughts,
Strengthen My Heart,
Guide My Blade,
Blessed Be.

Initiator: Blessed Be. Welcome, (Sister's first name) into The Pentavalence. Welcome into our Sisterhood.

If the above resonates then come and join us, my Sisters. This cannot be done without your help. And this is after all about making you a World of Your Own. Begin it now...

Michael Varian Daly
The SoCal High Desert
Summer, 2010

To contact me: e-mail 'varian39' @ Gmail-Dot-Com

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